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HughesNet Gen 4 High-Speed Satellite 1-800-283-1057 Internet available where you live!

With plans starting at $39.99 and $0 upfront cost, call (800) 283-1057 and ask about additional discounts exclusive to your area.
In today’s high tech world, access to Broadband Internet service is available just about anywhere you go; however, in rural areas of America there are still over 14 million people living without the service that most Americans simply take for granted. It wasn’t that long ago that people were relying on the slow-paced dial up service that seemed to take forever. We all remember what that was like.

Currently, there is at least one satellite internet service available in rural communities that residents can receive. With the introduction of Mobile Broadband now available on smart phones, thousands of individuals are using these devices exclusively to access the Internet. The problem with using your smart phone to access the Internet is that it can become extremely expensive in just a short period of time. Most current mobile broadband Internet providers place a limit on the on your usage, and after you reach your particular limit, the overage fees kick in and you end up stuck with an over-sized bill to contend with.

Other rural areas have access to cable Internet services; however, many people have complained about the service being unreliable – to say the least. Most likely, the most popular choice for broadband Internet service is Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL that they can receive from the phone company. The problem that customers frequently encounter is that several rural areas have outdated phone lines, so the customers end up receiving a slow, poor quality, unreliable Internet Service.

Satellite Internet:

Currently, thousands of people are choosing Satellite Internet for Broadband access; with faster download speeds than ever and larger data limits that now come with Satellite Internet service, it makes sense that more and more people are signing up for the service every day.

HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet Gen 4 now services individuals living in rural areas and is producing broadband speeds of up to 15 mbps, and with plans starting at only $39.99 per month, you simply can’t go wrong. The exceptional satellite Internet service isn’t reserved for only those living in rural areas, but HughesNet is the largest worldwide provider of satellite broadband Internet service and also service those individuals who are currently receiving poor and inadequate Internet service and wish to receive better service.

The reliable HughesNet, Gen4 solves all of the problems that were previously associated with the Internet, and all you need to receive superior service is a clear view of the southern skyline! The high speed internet plans offered are listed below, and if you have any questions please feel free to call 1-800-283-1057. A HughesNet representative will be more than happy to assist you and alert you to any money saving promotions available in your area.

So if your experiencing sub-standard Internet service and you want quality service, give us a call today.
(800) 283-1057

As an authorized HughesNet Retailer, Professional Broadband Solutions offers the very best in high-speed satellite Internet and a commitment to providing great service and value to our customers.

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1Offer represents a $10 savings per month for three months to new subscribers only. Savings offer valid on all service plans. $39.99 represents a $10 savings on the Connect plan monthly service fee. After three months, the Connect monthly fee reverts back to $49.99 and all other plans revert back to the standard monthly fee. $9.99 monthly equipment Lease fee may apply. Offer ends 9/30/14. Restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited.
2$99 instant savings applies to new subscribers who Lease a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Purchase option. Offer ends 9/30/14. Offers dependent upon physical address and are not available to all households. Certain geographical areas are not eligible. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void wherever prohibited or restricted by law.
3Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase option. Limited-time offer.
4$100 instant savings applies to new subscribers who Purchase a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Lease option. Offer ends 9/30/14. Offers dependent upon physical address and are not available to all households. Certain geographical areas are not eligible. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void wherever prohibited or restricted by law.
5When you connect to the Internet using HughesNet, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including the configuration of your computer; the number of concurrent users; network or Internet congestion; the speed of the Web sites you are accessing; and other factors. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. During peak hours, actual upload and download speeds will likely be lower than speeds indicated.
6Based on an analysis of customer usage data, Hughes has established a download allowance for each of the HughesNet service plans that is well above the typical usage rates. Subscribers who exceed that threshold will experience reduced download speeds for the remainder of the month. During this recovery period, the HughesNet service may still be used, but speeds will be slower.
7Plans only available on the EchoStar XVII satellite. Certain geographical areas are not covered by this satellite.
8$10 monthly savings is available on the one-year commitment option. After three months, the monthly fee reverts back to $29.95. Offer ends 9/30/14. Service is subject to our HughesNet Voice Subscription Agreement and Reasonable Use Policy. Service (including 911/emergency services) will not function during periods of Internet service outage. Additional Voice adapter equipment required. Call or go online to check service availability for your location. Applicable countries for International option can be found on Transfers of existing telephone number not always available.
9Free setup and activation of HughesNet Voice equipment when HughesNet Gen4 and HughesNet Voice are ordered at the same time.
10Speeds based on the Power MAX plan and compared to the legacy Basic plan. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.
HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar Company.
Minimum term required. Monthly service and termination fees apply. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Visit for details.